Visit Notices

Smoking is prohibited in the whole venue. Such dangerous behaviors as burning things are also prohibited.
All the illegal behaviors are prohibited (such as theft, violence, etc.).
If anyone has one of the above behaviors, the staff will ask him/her to leave the venue.
Please beware that if the behavior seriously violates the regulation, we will report it to the police.
Do not take your pet animals into the venue.
Do not push others or run in the venue, in case of any accident.
Do not make loud noise or shout, or even privately use loudspeaker that affects others.
There will be a resting area in the venue. Do not sit on the floor or put your things on the aisle, which will block the walking route.
Participants resting or taking pictures in or outside the venue please be careful not to dirty the environment.
The event is a DOLL-only convention for figure-dolls information interchange and selling.
We forbid any doujin or Cosplay activity both inside and outside the venue.
Please keep an eye on the safety of your personal belongings at every moment, and beware of thieves and pickpockets.
In the venue will be garbage cans, please follow the instructions to sort the garbage.
Do not litter any trash.
If any urgent disaster happens, please follow our staff’s instructions to leave and take refuge.
Do not panic and push each other.
We decline any media admission for video shooting, picture taking and interview in the event.
The space is limited in the venue. So when people crowd in the venue, please be careful not to jostle the table by force.
The trade between seller and buyer at the stand is a contract action, so please consider carefully before making a deal.
If there’s any disagreement, the Team is not responsible for such matters as arbitration.