參加者注意事項/ Visit Notices

Before you enter MDP event please make sure you’ve read the following notice.


||一般參加者購票/ Ticket||

  • 一般參加者可於活動現場購買入場票券。活動現場將於一般入場前90分鐘開始售票。
    Visitors can purchase tickets from 9:00 am at the ticket selling table.
  • 入場費用:NT$150 / 人,贈送場刊一份。(場刊數量有限,贈完為止)
    The admission fee is 150 NT dollars per person, including an event brochure.
  • 有大人陪同之六歲以下(含六歲)兒童免收入場費;須出示該兒童之證件,若無法出示證件則照規定收取入場費。
    Children under 6 years old can enter the event for free with parent. Please show the children’s ID card when you enter the event with your children under 6 years old.

||一般參加者入場隊伍/ Lineup|| new!!

  • 一般入場於10:30開放入場,售票將於開場前90分鐘(9:00)開始依序販售。
  • 提早到場的同好請於售票處排隊購票,購票同時工作人員會發放入場整隊號碼牌(一般入場開場前整隊依據),每人每次購買時發放號碼牌上限為三張,入場票券購買數則不限制。(即使購買三份以上入場票券,最多僅會給予三張入場號碼牌)
  • 入場號碼牌順序為依據購票順序給予。
  • 當日10:15開始,工作人員將依照入場號碼牌順序叫號整隊,請同好們依照所持的號碼牌數字配合工作人員指示整理入場隊伍。
  • 整隊時若叫號3次不到者,視同放棄入場排序資格,即使持有號碼牌工作人員亦會請您至隊伍尾端重新排隊。

||會場環境/ Environment||

  • 活動會場全面禁煙。亦禁止燃燒物品、施放爆裂物等危險行為。
    Smoking is prohibited in the whole venue. Such dangerous behaviors as burning things are also prohibited.
  • 禁止一切違法行為(如偷竊、暴力行為…等)。
    All the illegal behaviors are prohibited (such as theft, violence, etc.).If anyone has one of the above behaviors, the staff will ask him/her to leave the venue.
    Please beware that if the behavior seriously violates the regulation, we will report it to the police.
  • 請勿攜帶寵物入場。
    Do not take your pet animals into the venue.
  • 場內禁止奔跑、嬉戲,若有此情況並經工作人員勸阻無效者將強制請您離場。
    Do not push others or run in the venue, in case of any accident.
  • 請勿大聲喧嘩或不當私下使用擴音器材影響他人。
    Do not make loud noise or shout, or even privately use loudspeaker that affects others.
  • 因場內人潮眾多,嬰幼兒孩童不建議入場;有大人陪同之六歲以下兒童免收入場費(含六歲),超過六歲之入場者需購票入場。
    For the safety we do not recommend children to enter the event. Children under 6 years old can enter the event for free with parent.
  • 因會場人潮眾多,為避免阻礙動線,禁止於會場內使用兒童推車或寵物推車。(輪椅不在此限)
    Baby cart is not allowed to enter the venue.
  • 會場內設有休息區,請勿席地而座、或將物品置於走道上阻礙動線。
    There will be a resting area in the venue. Do not sit on the floor or put your things on the aisle, which will block the walking route.
  • 同好於會場內外休憩拍照時請注意勿汙染環境。
    Participants resting or taking pictures in or outside the venue please be careful not to dirty the environment.
  • 本活動為人形娃娃專屬交流販售會,會場內外一律禁止同人、COSPLAY活動。
    The event is a DOLL-only convention for figure-dolls information interchange and selling.We forbid any doujin or Cosplay activity both inside and outside the venue.
  • 請隨時注意保管自身重要財物,慎防小偷扒手。
    Please keep an eye on the safety of your personal belongings at every moment, and beware of thieves and pickpockets.
  • 會場內設有垃圾桶,請依指示分類,垃圾請勿隨意丟棄。
    In the venue will be garbage cans, please follow the instructions to sort the garbage. Do not litter any trash.
  • 會場內有滅火器、警報器等安全設備,請勿將行李物品堆放於其周圍。為確保安全,如有需要工作人員會疏導人潮,請務必配合工作人員指示。緊急災害發生時,請配合工作人員指示疏散,勿驚慌推擠。
    If any urgent disaster happens, please follow our staff’s instructions to leave and take refuge.
    Do not panic and push each other.
  • 本活動謝絕一切媒體入場拍攝及訪問。
    We decline any media admission for video shooting, picture taking and interview in the event.
  • 除本官網上所公開的活動,其餘活動皆與本活動主辦方無關,對非我方所籌備的其餘活動有疑問,請直接聯絡該活動主催。對於任何非此官網上公開之資訊與活動,本主辦方亦不承擔任何責任。

||攤位禮儀/ Etiquette at venue||

  • 若欲拍攝攤位擺設,請先詢問攤位主,請勿強行偷拍。
    Ask the dealers first before you take pictures of booths.
  • 若攤位需拉隊伍,請各位同好依照攤位主指示排隊,勿強行插隊。
    Please wait in the line if necessary.
  • 因場內空間有限,若擁擠時請注意勿強行推擠桌面。
    The space is limited in the venue. So when people crowd in the venue, please be careful not to jostle the table by force.
  • 攤位上交易為買賣雙方之契約行為,請雙方仔細斟酌若有糾紛產生,主辦方不承擔調解等一切責任。若因交易產生任何糾紛,情況嚴重時工作人員會強制請雙方出場。
    The trade between seller and buyer at the stand is a contract action, so please consider carefully before making a deal. If there’s any disagreement, organizer is not responsible for such matters as arbitration.

||天災或重大事故因應/ Emergency|| new!

  • 如活動當日遇颱風豪雨惡劣氣候、地震等天災,或遇嚴重傳染病、暴動、戰爭、政府強制規定等重大事故等不可抗力因素致活動難以進行,主辦單位保留活動取消/改期之決定權利。
  • 如有上述情況,請依當時主辦單位公告內容為準。