第20回 皮諾丘的夢之島 人形娃娃交流販售會

20th, Monde de Pinocchio Doll-only Fair

◆ 活動性質:DOLL(BJD、1/6 Doll、Blythe、Pullip…等)專屬販售會
◇ Monde de Pinocchio is a DOLL-only (BJD, 1/6 Doll, Blythe, Pullip, etc.) Fair in Taiwan,and also a convention for figure-dolls information interchange and selling.

◆ 主辦單位:Monde de Pinocchio Team
◇ Organizer: Monde de Pinocchio Team

◆ 活動日期:2022年春天
◇ Time: Spring, 2021 (Saturday)

◆ 活動地點:待公布
◇ Venue:Coming soon

活動流程/ Event process

09:00 am
社團入場開始 / 一般入場售票開始
Dealer Admittance / Common Entry(normal visitors) ticket selling start

10:30 am 活動開始
一般入場開放 / 社團入場截止
Monde de Pinocchio 18 Opens (General Admission) / Dealer Admittance close


15:30 pm 活動結束
活動結束/ Monde de Pinocchio 18 Ends

15:30~16:30 pm
撤場/ Clearance

補註/ Notice

  • 場外將於一般入場前一個半小時開始售票。
    入場費為NT$150 / 人場刊一份。(場刊數量有限,贈完為止)
    We will start selling tickets one and half hours before the Common Entry.
    The admission fee is 150 NT dollars per person, including an event brochure.
  • 有大人陪同之六歲以下兒童免收入場費(須出示該兒童之證件,若無法出示證件則照規定收取入場費);因活動會場人潮眾多,主辦單位不建議孩童入場,攜帶孩童入場者請自行看顧,勿於場內奔跑嬉戲。Children under 6 years old can enter the event for free with parent. For the safety we do not recommend children to enter the event.
  • 請依序排隊購票入場,購票時將依購票順序發放入場號碼牌,並於當日早上10:15~10:30依號碼牌順序整隊入場。 此號碼牌僅限一般入場使用,避免發生插隊情形,和會場內所有攤位的販售順序及活動無關。插隊若經檢舉屬實,工作人員會請您至隊列尾端重新排隊。
    Please wait in line to buy the ticket and common entry.
    If the behavior of cutting in a line is reported and proved to be true, the staff will require you to move back to the end of the line.
  • 請配合工作人員指示拉隊,以避免隊伍阻擋會場周邊道路暢通。開場後請依工作人員指示循序進入會場內,嚴禁奔跑入場。
    Please follow the staff’s instruction of the line-up direction, in order to avoid the line blocking other roads in the venue.
  • 因人潮眾多,避免危險,會場內嚴禁奔跑嬉戲。
    After the opening, please follow our staff’s instruction to enter the venue in order.
    Running into the venue is strictly forbidden.
  • 會場設有垃圾桶及回收區,請來場同好勿隨意棄置垃圾,並依照分類標準處理丟棄物。
    Please keep the environment clean. Littering is Prohibited.