MDP25 in Taipei

Next event

The 25th, Monde de Pinocchio Doll-only Fair

Event Date

August 3rd, 2024 (Saturday)


Monde de Pinocchio Team


Sanchong Dist Gymnasium, New Taipei City

Booth List

MDP25 Booth list

To handmade circles / doll companies

We welcome participation from overseas.
If you are interested in participating, please contact us at the following email address:

Booth fee
・Sponsor Booth: NT$4500~
・General Booth: NT$650~

General Booth Application is accepted from 22:00PM TST of 8th April 2024 to the 15th of April 2024. (GMT+8)
The application out of apply duration will be canceled.

To general participants

MDP event is open to everyone interested in Doll/BJD/OB11/Nendoroid culture, and so on.
Before your visit, please note the following:

  • Ticket fee: NT$200

  • You can purchase tickets in advance.

  • On the day of the event, tickets will be sold starting at 9:00 am. On-site payment is cash only.

  • To avoid disrupting the venue and neighboring facilities, all-night or early morning standby is prohibited. Admission lines will be numbered according to the order in which advance tickets are reserved. If you plan to enter early, we highly recommend purchasing advanced tickets.

  • In response to the measure to lower the infectious disease classification of Covid-19 in Taiwan, which will be implemented on May 1, 2023, all measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection that have been implemented at this event will be eliminated.

  • It will no longer be necessary to wear masks at the venue. Restrictions on eating and drinking at the venue will also be eliminated.

  • Smoking is not allowed in the venue.

  • All the illegal behaviors are prohibited (such as theft, violence, etc.)

  • Please beware that if the behavior seriously violates the regulation, we will report it to the police.

  • Please do not bring pets to event, except for guide dogs.

  • Do not push others or rush into the venue, in case of any accident.

  • It is not recommended to bring your children into the venue as it is very crowded.  Also, please note that strollers are not allowed to enter the venue.

  • Please don’t mess-up the environment when resting or taking pictures inside or outside the venue.

  • MDP event is a DOLL-only Fair, which is dedicated to BJD/any kind of dolls. We forbid any doujin or Cosplay activity inside and outside the venue.

  • Please keep an eye on your personal belongings, and beware of thieves and pickpockets all the time.

  • There are garbage cans inside the venue. Please follow the instructions to sort the garbage. Do not litter.

  • If there is an emergency, please follow our staff’s instructions to leave and take refuge. Do not panic, run or push each other.

  • MDP declines any media admission for video shooting, picture taking and interview in the event. Also, do not film any scene in the venue.

  • Please get prior consent of the dealers before taking pictures of the booths.

  • Please wait in the line if necessary.

  • The space is limited in the venue. When people are crowded in the venue, please be careful not to push the table.

  • The trade between seller and buyer at the stand is a contract action. Please consider carefully before making a deal. Organizer won’t take responsibility for arbitration if there’s any disagreement, 

  • People in Taiwan speak Taiwanese Mandarin. Staffs on-site may not be able to respond in English or other forein language.